I believe there is no “one size fits all” organizing template. Each client is different; so a different system needs to be set up for the individual based on their exclusive personal needs. Some clients want to establish “homes” for all of their stuff, some want to better understand Feng Shui, some want an aesthetic eye and some ….simply an eye for order.

Here’s How It Works….

My rate for an associate and myself is $125.00 Per Hour (2 organizers).

When working alone my rate is $75.00 per hour –

First we have a conversation on the phone. (No charge) We’ll discuss your issues and your goals. Then I come to your home for a consultation. I spend an hour with you going through all of your organizing issues. We’ll discuss solutions and make a plan! My consultation rate is $50.00 Per Hour

Shopping, research, and notes whether by phone or internet are billed at my hourly rate, unless otherwise discussed.

Gift Packages

Give your family, friends and co-workers the gift of organization! I offer gift certificates in any amount. But, if you’re not sure what your friend would like, here are a few suggestions.

1. Organizing Analysis and Road Map. $300

First I will have a telephone consultation with the gift certificate recipient. We’ll discuss organizing issues and set up an in home consultation. During the in home consultation I will offer solutions and make suggestions based on that individual’s personal needs and budget. I’ll follow up the consultation with an e-mail list of everything we discussed, as well as other research needed, so they can continue on their own.

2. Get Started $500

This certificate includes a phone session, an in home consultation, plus 4 hours of Organizing. This single session is designed to get you started. An assessment is made, and the biggest issues are tackled. After this session I will e-mail a list of things that you can do on your own to get and keep your space in order.

3. Clutter Diet $750

This session is for the bigger jobs, which include multiple rooms, new moves, Feng Shui placement, etc. This certificate includes a phone consultation, 1 hour in home consult and a total of 8 hours split into 2 separate visits.

If you’d like any of these gift packages for yourself, let me know during our first conversation and I will design your session based on the certificate you choose. Referrals are an important part of my company’s success, and I want to recognize those who have referred my services. For any person you send my way that becomes a client, I will reward you with a free hour of my services on my next visit

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