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There are no one-size-fits-all organization templates. Because each of my clients are different, I deploy different systems that cater to each individual, based on their own needs. For some this means an established “home” for each of their possessions, and for others it means achieving a better understanding of Feng Shui. Regardless if you prefer an eye for aesthetics, or are attracted by order, we’ll work together to accomplish your organizational dreams.

Here’s How It Works….

To increase productivity and ease the burden on our clients, our organization team may consist of multiple organizers, depending on the scope of the project. Our hourly rates are flat based on the number of organizers onsite.

Beginning with a cost-free phone call, we’ll discuss your issues and your personal goals in preparation for an onsite consultation.

While visiting your home for a consultation, I will spend an hour with you to outline your specific organization plans and establish a strategy. Along with on-site consultations, additional shopping, and research are billed at an hourly rate unless otherwise discussed.

$50 per hour Consultation

$75 per hour Hourly Service Rate

Give the Gift of Eliminating Clutter:

One of our favorite services are Gift Packages. You can purchase gift certificates in any amount to be placed towards the gift of organization for your family, friends, or co-workers. On the right are some of our most popular packages purchased by gift recipients.

Any gift recipient who purchases a package counts towards a referral— so if you’ve sent someone our way that becomes a client, we’ll reward you with a free hour of service on the next visit 🙂

We also offer these packages for our clients directly, so if you find one interesting let us know during our initial conversation, and we’ll design your session around one of them!

$300 The Organizing Analysis & Road Map:

Including a telephone call where we discuss any ongoing organizational issues, and the setup of an in-home consultation. During the in-home consult we’ll offer solutions and make suggestions based on individual needs and budgets. A follow up email with a compiled list of our discussions, research, and all the tools and resources needed to continue on your own.

$650 The Get Started Package:

Including a phone session, an in-home consolation, and an additional four hours of professional organizing; this package is designed to truly get you started. An assessment of your largest organizational issues are made, and those problems are tackled. Afterward you’ll receive an email follow up with additional tools and resources to maintain the space.

$850 The Clutter Diet:

For larger projects, this sessions is ideal for multiple rooms, new moves, Feng Shui placement, and other more involved tasks. This package includes a phone consultation, a one-hour in home consult, and a total of 8 hours of organizing split into two visits.

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