One of the most overlooked yet valuable assets to a seller of a home is Home Staging. Because most buyers see what’s in front of them first, an unstaged house can leave prospective buyers with a feeling of emptiness or coldness. While about 10% of home buyers can imagine their own furnishings within the space, a blank canvas won’t immediately stand out or set the home ahead against the competition. Our tailored real estate staging services help our clients provide an imaginative vision for their homes as they bring them to market. We specialize in maximizing a home’s best qualities, and how they can appeal to a wide variety of buyers, expediting its sale.

Custom Staging and Redesign


the first step in the process, a consultation includes an on-site visit, along with a walkthrough of the property to take notes & photos of the desired design locations; compiling notes to create a proposal with specific recommendations.


providing the recommendations and pricing for staging, we will use the homeowner’s furniture and accessory where appropriate, as well as include a recommendation for additional furnishings, accessories, and design hours as needed. Beyond furnishings and accessories, Ghazel Design will work with contractors to update the finishes; paint, hardware, fixtures, counters, and bath, if the return on investments warrants.


once a proposal is accepted, the Ghazel Design team will stage the home. This may include the pre-packing, painting, freshening surfaces, updating lighting and finishes, capital improvements, arrangements, or installation of other proposed changes.


after presentation is finished, the move-in-ready home is reinvented to appeal to the largest number of buyers, distinguishing it from the competition and increasing the time it takes to make a sale. Maximizing value, our staging packages are designed to best fit your needs and requirements

$150 Consultation

$1500 and up Occupied Homes:

I will stage your home, which may be still occupied by the seller, utilizing the existing furnishings and resources available on-site. Additional accessories or pieces can also be purchased.

$2000 and up Vacant Homes:

staging an empty space from scratch, all of the furnishings and accessories can be purchased through my wholesale discounts. Purchasing new furniture from my recommended brands will leave an impact to potential buyers visiting the home, and add an additional value to the property; by either sold along with the price listing to hasten negotiations, or keeping the furniture for your new home after the sale!

Furniture Rentals:

regardless of your situation or the package that best fits your budget, I offer the opportunity to rent furnishings and accessories from my personal catalog. As rental stock is constantly changing, no specific brands or models are guarantee

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