Draw the warm ambience of a garden into your evening gatherings and Sunday brunches with this Vagabond House Artichoke Stoneware pie dish. An elegant example of style meeting function, the intricately detailed fruits and leaves of the luxury-grade pewter handles enrich family recipes with a dazzling finishing touch and a secure gripping area. The generous size of this 10 x 3-inch stoneware piece ensures you can offer ample portions of your favorite tarts, custards, and casseroles to each of your guests. The pure white base of this handcrafted dish creates a striking contrast to colorful mixtures of ingredients, whether they are berries, nuts, or vegetables, which provides a beautiful edible display for table centerpieces during holiday events and family reunions.

Size: 12″L x 11″W x 3″T
Care: Hand or machine wash. Use dishwasher’s lowest heat setting non-acidic cleanser