We believe an exceptional cognac deserves exceptional service. Vagabond House’s stunning Acorn and Oak Leaf Cognac Snifter enhances the beauty and experience of the heart and mind warming spirit. Serving your guests the drink of kings in a snifter honoring the King of Trees creates a truly regal experience. The pure pewter, uniquely twisted oak branch stems of our snifter are embellished with intricately detailed acorns and leaves, finishing in a garland base.

The generous size and classical balloon shape of the elegant glass bowl allows the user to warm the glass in the traditional manner of cupping in the hand. A narrow mouth allows for maximum aroma concentration just before sipping. The bowls on our cognac glasses are replaceable, an exclusively Vagabond House feature, ensuring our beautiful artisan stem ware will serve in your home for a life time.

Size: 22.75 oz.
Care: Hand wash recommended and dry with a soft cloth