New Leaves Red Oak Nut Dish


The Michael Aram New Leaves Collection is a celebration of the beauty and meaning found in individual leaves. Inspired by specific types of foliage that have taken on sentimental meaning in Michael’s life, this collection embodies his genuine passion for nature in its purest and most personal form. Each leaf has its own story, its own symbolism and its own inherent wonder, detail and shape. For the first time, Michael is also interpreting an entire collection of leaves in the proportions in which they actually occur in nature, amplifying the sense of realism for which he is so well known. While each leaf is expressed as a sculptural object, Michael has yet again managed to infuse function into his forms, making them perfect for the most elemental moments in our daily lives.

“Growing up in the American Northeast, I was surrounded by oak trees. There was always something so stately and majestic about them. Even today, they stand as a symbol of timeless strength and fortitude…they are a type of American icon for me. I was also moved by the fact that each species of oak leaf had such a distinct and beautiful shape. I wanted to bring into mine a sense of exuberance and undulation that is not usually represented in interpretations of this leaf.”