Layered sprays of luxury grade pewter lilacs form the handles of Vagabond House’s Lilacs Stoneware Serving Tray. The handles raise above each end of the fine stoneware tray. Each generously sized, oval tray is double-glazed by hand and twice fired for a luminous white finish.

Clusters and sprays of pure pewter lilacs adorn Vagabond House’s Lilac decorated products. The detail on each petite bloom is so realistic, you will swear you smell springtime every time you see them. The old-fashioned flowers have a new mission for their beauty, embellishing Vagabond House’s talked about tableware.

Size: 20.5″L / 12.5″W / 3.25″T
Care: Hand wash recommended – if placing in the dishwasher use low heat and non acidic detergen